Technical Support

1. Where can I download The Ishow software which can be used in SD card?
      Here is the link:  Ishow software in SD card

2 . If I lost my SD card file, what should I do?
     You can download here: SD card file

3 .How can I use Ishow to edit texts?
     You can watch this video to learn: Ishow to edit Texts

4. How  can I use Ishow to edit logo and animation?
     You can watch this video to learn: Ishow to edit logo and animation

5.  How to add SD card effects as default list?
     You can read this pdf file: add effects as default lists

6.How to change language  with SD card system?

     You can watch this video: How to change language

7.How to make playlist from the SD card?

  Please check this manual:  Manual of Playlist

8. If your CD files of  Ishow 3.0  is not working/readable,

   You can down load here: Ishow 3.0 

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